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Cleaning supplies are essential to maintaining a clean and safe environment. In addition to removing dirt and stains, they also help you make other tasks easier. Whether you are working on a project or cooking dinner, cleaning is one of the most essential parts of your daily routine. However, cleaning products are not all created equal. Some contain dangerous chemicals and may even cause health problems. You should always read labels carefully and use only the recommended products.

The main cleaning supplies you will need for your home include soap, bleach, paper towels, and toilet paper. For your office, you will need disinfecting wipes and hand soap. Your cleaning supplies can be either store-bought or homemade.

When cleaning, always wear gloves to prevent your hands from becoming contaminated with chemicals. Rubber gloves are better than latex or nitrile gloves because they last longer and provide more protection. It is also best to invest in reusable cleaning equipment that is in good condition.

Paper towels, plastic gloves, and rags are great for absorbing liquid or dust. Wipes are also available to use for cleaning delicate items. Be sure to keep them dry so they do not become moldy.

Spray bottles are used to apply cleaning solutions. Mops and sponges are often soaked in a detergent solution and then scrubbed. These supplies should be cleaned regularly. If possible, rinse them out before storage. A good mop should have a cotton or microfiber head.

Another important office cleaning supply is a cleaning cart. Having a cart makes it easier to carry essential supplies. You can find these at home improvement stores like Home Depot. Ensure that it has lockable compartments for added safety.

Other cleaning supplies you should invest in are a squeegee, sponge mop, and a vacuum. To use the vacuum, you should purchase a reusable vacuum cup. Also, ensure that the cup is washed at least once a month.

Microfiber cloths are also good for using on your floors. This material is soft and won’t scratch glass. They can also be tossed in the washer with your towels.

You should use different colored cloths when color coding to avoid cross contamination. You can use blue for general patient areas and red for restrooms. Yellow can be used in isolation areas.

While there are many cleaning supplies on the market, you should only buy those that are necessary. Choosing a product with reduced ingredients can also save you money.

Many people don’t know that using cleaning supplies can be harmful. Chemicals such as bleach and ammonia can cause lung damage, resulting in chronic respiratory illnesses. Studies have linked exposure to these chemicals to occupational asthma.

In addition, you should never mix or store different chemical cleaners together. Make sure to read labels carefully to avoid inhaling toxic gases.

Lastly, don’t use air fresheners or air cleaners inside your home. Their natural fragrances can react with other indoor pollutants to create deadly compounds.

Pat Steenkamp
Author: Pat Steenkamp