Commercial cleaning is a specialised area of the cleaning industry that cleans buildings, offices and other commercial spaces. It involves a different process than residential cleaning and specialized chemicals and equipment. It also entails a much larger workload and a higher price point because of the size of the premises and the scale of the work needed to keep it tidy.

In addition to regular cleaning services, many companies offer ad hoc services such as gutter cleaning, post-builder cleanups and carpet stain removal. These services are used by property management firms, construction companies and retail stores to ensure their facilities look neat and tidy for their customers or employees.

It is important for businesses to have a clean workplace as it increases productivity and creates a more positive atmosphere for staff members. If the work environment is dirty, it can lead to less focus on tasks and more sick days as staff battle allergies or respiratory conditions. Commercial cleaners help to reduce these problems by ensuring workspaces are maintained regularly and using specialised cleaning products, techniques and equipment.

Unlike a home, a business is usually much bigger and requires more heavy-duty cleaning equipment than a standard house. Commercial cleaning companies often arrive with everything they need to get the job done including industrial carpet cleaning machines, water-fed poles for high windows and floor polishers. Typically, they will also have the appropriate insurance to cover their work on site.

The types of cleaning jobs that a commercial cleaning company takes on will vary depending on the type of premises, but there are some common jobs that all cleaning companies will do. This includes vacuuming entryways and edges, scrubbing and wiping floors, sanitizing restrooms, washing windows and dusting furniture and light fixtures. Some companies may even have special equipment and chemicals for cleaning machinery and other industrial locations.

Another important service is waste removal. Trash is often piled up in offices and other public spaces where it can attract pests and become an eyesore. Similarly, expired foods and other materials can be a health risk if they are not thrown away properly. Commercial cleaners will take out trash regularly and dispose of waste materials correctly to prevent health risks.

Carpets in office spaces and other commercial spaces are subject to heavy foot traffic every day. Commercial carpets must be cleaned regularly to remove dirt and stains. One of the most common methods for commercial carpet cleaning is hot water extraction (HWE) which works by injecting a mixture of hot water and carpet cleaning solutions into the fibres of the carpet, then extracting the solution along with any remaining dirt and grime. HWE can be used on both wool and synthetic carpets and can be a good choice for businesses that need fast drying times.

Other cleaning services include scrubbing and wiping hard floors, stripping and waxing vinyl and linoleum, buffing and burnishing tile and concrete and deep cleaning hardwood and other porous surfaces. Commercial cleaners may also have specialised tools for cleaning hard surfaces that require more care than other surfaces like glass and polished stone.

Pat Steenkamp
Author: Pat Steenkamp