cleaning supplies

Keeping your home clean is easier with the right cleaning supplies. Disinfecting wipes cut down on germs on surfaces like countertops and door handles, while glass cleaners leave windows streak-free and smudge-free. A broom and dust pan are handy for sweeping up spills, while duster brushes and extensions allow you to reach hard-to-reach places. Spray bottles make it easy to rinse surfaces and keep solutions on hand, and a squeegee is an essential tool for cutting down soap scum buildup in the shower.

When choosing cleaning supplies, read product labels carefully to find the best one for each task. For example, if you’re looking for a floor cleaner that removes both grease and dirt, look for one that says “dual-purpose” or “all-purpose” on the label. Alternatively, you can opt for a multi-surface cleaner that can be used on multiple types of surfaces or a dedicated tile and grout cleaner.

If you’re concerned about the environment or your health, consider choosing a natural or green cleaning product. These contain fewer chemicals and may even have one or more meaningful eco-attributes or eco-labels on the packaging. Many also have a pleasant scent, as opposed to chemically-scented products.

Another important consideration is a proper storage system for your cleaning products. A bucket with a lid is great for holding water and solution during a job, as well as for rinsing out sponges or rags and soaking floors. A cleaning caddy or cart is a convenient way to transport cleaning products from room to room, and a cleaning supply organizer can help keep products neatly organized when not in use.

Other important cleaning tools include a set of rubber gloves, a mop, a vacuum cleaner and other appliances. A squeegee cuts down on soap scum buildup in the shower, while a broom and dustpan are helpful for sweeping up spills and sweeping debris off the patio or around furniture. Vacuum cleaners remove crumbs and other debris from floors, while mops and floor finish applicators make sure surfaces are free of marks and scuffs.

Finally, a hose attachment for your vacuum cleaner is an important tool for getting into corners and other hard-to-reach spots. Some hoses have different brush heads for tackling various tasks, from scrubbing the bathtub to scouring the kitchen sink.

Pat Steenkamp
Author: Pat Steenkamp